Remembering Dr. Paul R. Oebel of Truth Unveiled TV, exposing concerns surrounding his death and the Satanic Infiltration of the Church and Patriot Movement

(Note: In this audio/video now available recorded before I even sat down to write, I first discussed the loss of Pastor Paul and what his ministry means to me at my channel here, as well as other current events:

It has been four months since the beloved Pastor Paul Oebel had posted one of his many great episodes on Truth Unveiled TV, his independently-produced talk show which is part of his Faith Unveiled Network on YouTube and Rumble. His last panel discussion may have been his most important one yet, produced in December of 2021. To my own grief and regret, he had passed away by Jan. 31st, 2022.

Below I will post the discussion that included Pastor Chris McDonald of the McFiles Faith Network, prophetic voice Mark Taylor whose ministry I trust over most prophetic voices today, Dr. Etienne Graves who clearly knows the Word of God, the insightful intercessor Melissa Leggett, and Pastor Paul himself. While Paul did not pastor his own physical church at this time, I feel he was pastoring us in the Spirit through his online ministry, and he was one of only a few spiritual fathers that not only was a true disciple of Christ, but was bravely telling the truth in love in all things – something very hard to find today, and something that, as a true disciple of Christ myself, I have been shamed for by other christians who refuse to see what is going on.

I never got to meet Paul in person but had hoped to, and I will now look forward to when we will all gather in Heaven. I know he’s in a better place and will rise again on that last day when our King of Kings returns to this earth.

In that last broadcast, without intending to name names, most know it is Clay Clark of the ThriveTime Show they are discussing whose books and ReAwaken America Tour have shown some odd symbolism that any awake Truther or Christ follower that knows how to recognize satanic influence will become concerned, recognizing these symbols of freemasonry and demonic influence. When listening to the 2nd and 3rd panel discussions, it seems someone from the tour contacted Paul, asking him to allow them to come on Truth Unveiled TV. Why did they not ask Paul to come on their show?

It seems Paul was convinced that these are NOT our Brothers and Sisters in Christ and refused. When he asked, “Why is it me you are contacting?”

Paul was given a reply of, “Because he wants to make you famous.”

We can only assume to know who “he” is. But if these are Christ followers that were contacting him, why would fame be a value to them? Why not simply “because we want the truth to be known”, that is, if we truly are all Christ followers and lovers of truth here? Jesus said, “Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for that is how their fathers treated the false prophets.” (Luke 6:26) Fame is not something we should seek, nor is it something we should ever allow ourselves to be bribed by, nor attempt to bribe others with.

Within a week of denying them, Paul began to lose consciousness and was eventually rushed to the hospital, and passed away a little over a month later. Both Mark Taylor and trafficking survivor Madyson Marquette who is also a true Christ follower and Patriot, both announced publicly that this was at minimum a spiritual assassination of Pastor Paul. Paul also disrupted the powers of darkness by being one of the first pastors to interview Madyson publicly, asking the tough questions the Body of Christ needed to hear, as Madyson was a victim of many big name preachers that she was trafficked to. I will do a full report on this on my channel but you can already hear me talk of this often in past audio/videos.

From what I’ve gathered from others, Paul suffered from organ failure which really is a common sign of Dr. Fauci’s protocol in using Remdesevir, which is known to cause intentional kidney failure. Another common way people are dying that are said to have died of “covid”, is actually dying from being intubated when it is not the best treatment. According to Dr. Judy Mikovitz, one of the only scientists with the guts to stand against Fauci’s corruption since the AIDs epidemic, taught that by putting someone on a ventilator that doesn’t need it – you kill them.

Paul was put on a ventilator.

How do they get away with this? Well, it is amazing what people will do with a little brainwashing and money. First of all, in the USA, just giving someone a covid diagnosis, regardless of the true diagnosis, a hospital is given $13,000. If you could manage to put them on a ventilator, you were given another $39,000. If you managed to kill them and put it on a death certificate, you then received another $59,000. My doctor has confirmed all this as fact. My understanding is that this money came from our hard-earned (and stolen) tax dollars.

So according to Madyson, darkness came against Paul, but the hospital finished him off. It should be said these same secret societies have many of their people placed within the medical field as doctors.

By early February 2022, the original team minus Paul came out with a 2nd panel discussion. This too is very important for all to view, regardless of where you stand on these subjects, as they will further point out very concerning things, even showing them visually, some of which I’ve discussed in previous podcasts which have to do with satanism entering the Church through known, trusted leaders.

And then the 3rd panel discussion was produced about one month ago, around early April 2022 (sorry – YouTube has deleted dates on videos, making it harder to do exact research). In this discussion, intercessor Melissa Leggett was missing due to illness.

Throughout all this, Clay and Vanessa Clark then produced their own show, where they discuss these accusations against them along with Dr. Stella Immanuel, who seems to be a wonderful doctor and whose heart seems to be in the right place to at minimum ask the questions. I am not questioning her. Neither is the team that first came together on Paul’s show. Their concern is a spiritual one: many well-meaning Christians have been deceived and don’t realize how deep the deception goes. If Jesus warned us that if it were possible that even His very elect will be deceived, then why don’t we take Him seriously?? (Matthew 24:24)

It should be noted that Chris McDonald had also become so ill at one point that he almost died.

I don’t know the exact mode in which Paul was attacked through the spirit realm, as we know from defectors of influential satanic secret societies like the Jesuits and Illuminati that have now permeated every part of society because we’ve refused to believe they’ve existed and are today’s politicians and sometimes even pastors, that they are taught from a very young age on how to psychically murder others just through their mind and demonic influence. Svali, a trusted Illuminati defector now living for Christ, taught us that when the Jesuits of the Vatican want to replace the pope, all they do is stand around him in a circle with their death wishes to take him out. So it could not be hard to believe that they would try this on those who come against them.

I even wonder… was a bioweapon sent to attack Paul? It is believed that there is some kind of bioweapon going around stronger than covid that knows how to target only patriots with large followings, many of whom have become ill at the ReAwaken America Tour gatherings. Some think it is coming through smoke machines. Some wonder if it’s just spiritual curses being spoken. I even wonder if directed energy weapons are being used (DEW), which more and more victims and whistleblowers are proving them to be more commonplace. At the time of this writing, I will continue to investigate and will continue to update this article as I have more information.

I have reviewed Clay and Vanessa Clark’s response to these allegations. I do not believe it is sufficient. Many Christians are arguing that the team that has produced the panel discussions on these concerns should be going to their Brother directly. The team insists this is not our Brother.

But let’s assume it is our Brother… I admit, I can’t even get a hold of them. In fact, why don’t I just post here what I wrote directly to them on their page:

“I’ve looked at all sides of this issue, and if Clay and Vanessa Clark are who they say they are despite atrocious symbolism they’ve used that is hard for me to believe that even baby Christians wouldn’t see was wrong, and having seen no deep repentance, I feel, and would like to ask Vanessa and Clay, to be more specific and answer to every concerning thing that true, mature Christ followers are bringing up. You are welcome to contact me, but it may be more beneficial to others to have this conversation right here so others that are concerned can be in on the conversation. Plus, I have tried to contact your conference multiple times to no avail in order to get tickets to your conference, because I had been one of your supporters as well, but I question you on how difficult you make it to get tickets. Why is that? Are you hoping to get more money out of people by phone instead of letting them purchase directly from your website after others were calling you out for how expensive you were making the tickets? And then you say publicly people can now donate whatever they want, but not once (and I just tried again) has your site allowed me to name my own donation and purchase a ticket?

Let’s review more facts:

Pastor Paul Oebel came out with a panel discussion on Truth Unveiled TV of the Faith Unveiled Network that consisted of him and other true Believers concerned about the satanic influence by agents posing as “christians” that have been permeating the Church. Others had made available to them photos of great concern that they shared (I will share below). The ReAwaken America Tour is not the only concern, and there are many others we can name and that I have named (come to my channel as I will eventually give a full report on this), but if Vanessa and Clay really are our Sister and Brother, I’d like them to take this more seriously and explain, one by one, what the heck they were they thinking using all these symbols behind and around them – answering to every one of them. This cannot be treated flippantly. True repentance must come as well.

After the panel, and after from hearing what sounded to me like someone from the Clark’s team, within a week, the beloved Paul Oebel lost consciousness and was dead by Jan. 31st, 2022.

A second and third panel was formed. From hearing these discussions (again, I will make them available to everyone), it sounds like an unnamed female from the Clark team made a threat. Someone else from the Clark team said to Paul when Paul asked, “Why are you contacting me?”

“Because he wants to make you famous”, was the answer said back to him. The panel is very careful in not naming names because they are the first to recognize they are not wrestling with flesh and blood. I am only reporting what this team has said publicly.

By the 3rd panel, intercessor Melissa Leggett was too sick to participate.

Chris McDonald at one point became so ill he almost died.

Completely apart from this team, others have come forth to say they think there is a bioweapon hitting patriots at these gatherings. Are the Clarks involved, or are they victims too?

And why is it mostly only patriots that have large followings that are being attacked?

SIU (Spiritual Investigation Unit) on their Telegram Channel, are also pointing out concerns regarding the ReAwaken America tour, as well as concerns about those that participate in the Tour, to include Anna Khait, used in the past to deceive in honeypot schemes by Project Veritas, now controlled by the F B I. Trafficking Survivor Madyson Marquette has called out “profit” Amanda Grace who has also participated in the Tour, as well as concerns about what Project Veritas has become. And let’s be clear… Those of us that know what they are doing to the children… the most brave and vocal of all… Lin Wood… has chosen to no longer participate in this Tour. Why is that? Please answer to this clearly what your part is in terms of why you have not been able to reconcile with your Brother and address his concerns? Why is he receiving death threats and you are not?

Here is the 1st panel discussion before Paul Oebel died:

Here is the 2nd panel discussion after Paul’s death:

Here is the 3rd panel discussion minus Intercessor Melissa Leggett who was ill, which is concerning. This was reported by the Marshall Report who has had major concerns against Clark and team. You can find other articles by Dianne Marshall mentioning such concerns:

Ask Questions And Discern All Things!

So you see, dear readers, we must search a matter out (Proverbs 25:2) before we come to conclusions, but there are more questions that must be answered by the ThriveTime show. Vanessa, you say there are lies being told… What lies are those? Maybe I don’t know enough of what’s coming against you, but it seems like darkness has more against the panel that raised concerns about your work, than it does with you. So why do you keep using pyramids on your whiteboards and chalkboards? Why does it appear you are using all-seeing eyes in them?

For those that dare to seek truth with me, I will be working on a full written report on this and then a audio/video report here at my channel:

I will be happy to add what the Clarks may want to add should they respond further about these serious matters.

Folks, understand this isn’t just about accidentally using wrong symbols. As you wake up from your slumber, you will learn that certain secret societies that have been gaining a larger influence because the Church refuses to see it, and have been satanically influencing the Church from the inside out as part of their marching orders, bringing in satanic ritual abuse, murder, torture, and pedophilia, they now have mastered the art of deception for decades, posing as some of the most influential names in christendom. If you refuse to see this without looking at the evidence for yourself, then at this point, YOU are part of the problem. It is understood that these evil ones have to show you what they are doing, and have to pay homage to whom they really worship. They do this often by using symbols. Follow Gina Phillips and the interviews she did with Dr. Paul Oebel to learn more. The Clarks have used these same symbols. Also understand (by learning from Gina), the depths of how they’ve mastered mind control. Those who have personalities (alters), that have been told they are to appear as “christian” by day, could be raping and torturing children in orgies by night through another alter. Their own children are all so traumatized from the womb as part of a mind-control technique they’ve mastered over the decades that they could have over 100 alters by a young age and remain mind-controlled and enslaved to this cabal the rest of their lives as they gain leadership positions in society. One alter doesn’t know what the other alter is doing. Illuminati defectors have taught us that they’ve permeated every area of society strategically: Hollywood, media, the music industry, politics, the royal families, etc. There are more of them than you think, and many are teaching in your Christian schools and are your worship leaders and pastors, as evidenced by the testimonies of defectors and survivors. WAKE UP! Please look at all sides to this story and ask Holy Spirit for discernment.

I have another question for the Clarks and for all readers: Clay Clark mentioned Rhema Bible College more than once… Do you even realize that Rhema as well as Oral Roberts University are fronts for mind control operations and satanic ritual sacrifice (murder) and torture in their hidden, underground areas? Here is one of very few survivors talking about ORU, just a little over 9 miles from Rhema. Oh, but y’all probably know that, being from Tulsa, Oklahoma and all, and even holding conferences at Rhema… and didn’t Clay even attend ORU himself?

Here is something else we have to ask… I mean all of us and the Clarks and team… Are Clay and Vanessa and many Christians around Tulsa innocent in this, and are they victims being used without even realizing it? And do they need healing and deliverance from what is seeking to use them? When you read more of Sister Judy’s testimony on the satanic abuse of Oral Roberts and others, you get a picture of how many in that community are mind-controlled and deceived and don’t even know it, even the well-meaning, as I’m not denying the Clarks could possibly be well-meaning in their hearts:”

Ok, glad I could repost those comments as I don’t know if they will last on their channel. I have not received a response yet but will give an update here when I do, so please subscribe.

Ok, now for your homework, dear readers. Here are the links again that I want you to watch in order, some of which are hard to find and is why I want to make it easy for you:

And this is the one where the Clarks attempt to explain only some of the concerns:

Then I want you to ask Holy Spirit for discernment and let me know in the comments here what you think?

Honestly, at this point… Now knowing the disgusting deception that has occurred in Oklahoma and the Word of Faith movement… knowing the victims’ stories of those that have been raped and abused by these satanic Word of Faith pastors trying to hijack true Christianity (and doing a darn good job at it, I must say), and knowing now that Rhema Bible Training College and Oral Roberts University, both near each other, and both being mind-control operations, and now knowing Clay Clark is connected to both of them in the Tulsa area, and knowing Kenneth Copeland was one of the satanic pedo files whose victim Michelle Hoover has just died after outing him, and knowing Copeland followed in the footsteps of Kenneth Hagin of Rhema….

… I will say I do not trust them.

And knowing how these satanic bastards work, who had a whole plan to hijack the Word of Faith movement, I would not be surprised if they said to Clay Clark, “Hey, Claytron (his nickname), we need you to get your christian act together and act like one, because we now want to hijack the Patriot movement – and you’re our salesman to lead it. We want you to gather real Christians so we can steer them in the direction we want them to go, and we want you to blend them with some of ours so not only can we take down those that come against us, but we will use Christians and Patriots themselves to put our own people in office, afterall, we’ve been successful in the placement of RINOs in the GOP, not to mention our own satanic pedo files in the Vatican. Just like the Romans realized they couldn’t stop the true Christ followers from influencing the world after years of persecuting them – we must learn to infiltrate them and control them from the inside, otherwise, this movement is about to get too powerful. We can’t allow another true American Revolution. If we do, the fight for freedom will spread across the world and we will lose everything.”

Although I am hurt and angered that we’ve lost Pastor Paul so soon, and I apologize to his loved ones that I couldn’t just make this post about saying goodbye to him for now as I originally intended, but because to my sense of injustice, I still feel like I needed to confront said injustice and write this article. And I do want to encourage everyone to understand that it is on us now to carry the legacy Dr. Oebel left us in his messages. Please take some extra time to review and dwell on them, letting his messages sink deep in your hearts. He encouraged and believed in us, telling us to not be afraid to use our voices if we feel we have a message to share, even creating a platform for many to share through the Faith Unveiled Network. I will post some of my favorites here soon.

Also, if you’re just getting this news and needed a place to grieve like I did, please check out the beautiful Celebration of Life service done for Pastor Paul by his friends and family that the McFiles Faith Network shared on their channel:

Here we have the monumental episode when Pastor Paul had Madyson on his show 10 months ago (7 months before his death). Is this one of the many reasons darkness saw him even more as a threat? And is this why they sought to take control of his network? If you still doubt Madyson’s story, then listen to her in her own words, answering tough questions from Paul. You have no right to form an opinion until you actually hear her story and pray for discernment. To try to share your uninformed opinion like many people do today is worthless. Actually review the story yourself and pray for discernment, then maybe your opinion will matter and is worth sharing. Before that, please don’t waste anyone’s time sharing your uninformed, uneducated, unresearched, unsubmitted to prayer, and unfruitful thoughts. I’m sorry I have to say that but too many are wasting time trying to share their opinions with me who refuse to even hear the stories.

As I reviewed the video, it was nice to see the comment I wrote on it over 9 months ago:

God bless you, Pastor Paul… It’s funny… I had the opposite reaction when I saw Madyson was on your show and thought, Truth Unveiled with Madyson Marquette?? – 2 of my favorites! : D This is about the REAL church rising up, and you both are part of that. Many here are a part of that, myself included. As a Truther, I’ve been attacked by the Christians for teaching that we can overcome this current evil if we all rise up and fight in the different ways God is calling us to, and for not talking spiritual enough. As a Christian, I’ve been attacked by everyone else for telling too much truth and making things TOO spiritual. It is rare to find a Pastor that is able to bring both the truth of current events as well as Godly and Eternal Truth, but you, Pastor Paul, are doing it and we applaud you and are proud of the work you’re doing! It should be the CHURCH that people can go to in order to learn the truth about EVERYTHING… It should be the CHURCH that leads others into ALL truth, as Holy Spirit leads us. Because so many churches refuse to discuss what’s going on and prefer to bury their heads in the sand, satanism and trafficking have run rampant – even through our own congregations. But we say NO MORE! This is OUR Church and the REAL Body of Christ, this is OUR time, and OUR responsibility to save the little ones. Let’s do it, Brothers and Sisters. The time is NOW.

(This story is still in progress…. More to come… Please subscribe and check back soon!)

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  1. In regards to…:In the USA, just giving someone a covid diagnosis, regardless of the true diagnosis, a hospital is given $13,000. If you could manage to put them on a ventilator, you were given another $39,000. If you managed to kill them and put it on a death certificate, you then received another $59,000. My doctor has confirmed all this as fact.’ What they have done is put a bounty on everyone’s head. Dead or Alive…bonus dollars if dead!! That sounds hard but that is exactly what they are doing and that has to stop. All involved are guilty of Nuremberg Violations – Crimes Against Humanity. From fake news to the FDA and the entire lot who go along with it!

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  2. Also, Boris and Natasha are guilty. They will be exposed, as they already have been by true followers of the Lord.

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